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40 Things that are way much bigger than we tend to think





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Our planet is full of strange, mysterious and mind-boggling places, animals, and phenomenons. All of these make one wonder how we as humans have progressed so much and yet we don't know much about the earth or its habitats.

Here is a collection of some amazing photos that will give you a new perspective.

1. Giant of the sea

Whales are the largest animals living on this planet. Some whales can weigh over 200 tons and are almost 100 feet long. Here you can see the comparison between a humpback whale and a human.

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The diver looks like a small mouse compared to the massive whale. However despite their large size, whales are gentle creatures and have even helped swimmers in dangerous situations.

2. The Mountain and The Pebble

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a professional strongman, and big beastly brother of Hound from 'Game of Thrones'; Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (aka "The Mountain").

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With a height of 6-feet, 9-inches and weighing 440 pounds, his girlfriend surely looks like a pebble in front of him.

3. Is it a fox with wings?

If you take away the 5-foot wings on this bat, it will indeed look like a fox, and that explains why scientists named it Giant golden-crowned flying fox.

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It is sad that this Giant golden-crowned flying fox is an endangered species.

4. Baby Ghost Crab for a good night's sleep

Although the word "Ghost" is used in the name of this crab, it is not going to give you nightmares.

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Instead, it is here to make you feel happy. Isn't this the cutest crab ever?

5. Happy fishing..

This is one of those images that can change your mind about fishing. Better stay in your boat.

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Did you know that a Blue Whale can grow up to 29.9 meters long and weight up to 330,000 pounds?

6. Not your average caterpillar

Amazingly, this caterpillar grows up to 5-inches long, and transforms into regal moth shortly after reaching this length.

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If you're not living in North America's Deep South, there is no need for you to worry.

7. The smallest computer in the world

Yes, this is the world's smallest computer and it is even smaller than a grain of rice.

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If we talk mathematically, it measures only 0.33-millimeters on each side, and a single grain of rice can range from 5 to 7 millimeters long.

8. It's lunch time..

We love the spirit by this baby turtle as it's planning on eating a raspberry almost his size.

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We are quite sure it will fill up its belly. Have fun you cute little fella!

9. Bugs Bunny has put on some weight..

There is no need for a dog when you can have a huge, fluffy Flemish Giant rabbit.

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Although it looks like the rabbit wants to eat its owner, these creatures are known for being patient and quiet. By the way, this one weighs 15-pounds and is 4-feet long.

10. This Dog is no match for the Coconut Crabs

Believe it or not, the Coconut Crabs belong to a species of the terrestrial hermit crab (the ones that can fit in the palm of your hand).

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These are also called robber crabs and can weigh up to 9 pounds and grow over three feet from leg to leg.

11. Fancy a swim?

Although the Leatherback turtles are not harmful to humans, they can surely freak out most people.

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These huge creatures can weigh about 1540 pounds and can grow upwards to 7-feet.

12. Please don't destroy my habitat..

It looks as if this giant anaconda doesn't want anyone to destroy its home.

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These snakes are huge as they can weigh around 550 pounds and can grow upwards to 25-feet in length.

13. Don't look down

He is the kind of man who isn't afraid of anything.

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This man certainly didn't think a lot before climbing on this zero-barrier, 5-12 inch wide ledge.

14. Just a normal beach day

If you ever thought that beaches in Ireland have any form of sunbathers or sun, for that matter, better think again.

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Here is something that shows just another normal beach day in Ireland.

15. Nice pet lion!

Well, here is a dog that doesn't look a dog at all. It is an ancient flock guardian dog that looks like a lion.

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Did you know that the Tibetan Mastiffs can actually weigh up to 160 lbs. and reach a height of 33 inches?

16. 'Remember kid, being fat makes you look more beautiful'

This mother hippo teaches life lessons to her baby. Hippos are large animals that are known for their aggressive behavior.

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On average, a female hippo can weigh 2,870 lbs. and adult males can weigh 3,310.

17. When roles are reversed

Imagine if we reversed roles with zoo animals. They would be roaming free and we would be in cages or tanks.

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Nevertheless, seeing this huge beast makes us wonder why would anyone to go near them. One wrong move and you're its next meal.

18. These are not fake claws

These are the claws of an eagle. And yes, they are capable of piercing into heavier meals.

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So, next time you go out with your little fluffy friend, keep an eye on it because a hungry eagle can pick it up and fly away.

19. The little guy is 5 feet 3 inch tall

Manute Bol is a former NBA player who used to dunk without jumping. After all, he was 7'7'' tall.

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On the other hand, Muggsy Bogues is just 5'3'' and he still managed to play in the NBA. If you are good, size doesn't matter.

20. Look at the size of that thing

A regular bus is longer and wider than about five minivans combined. But what is that thing in front of the school bus?

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Well, the massive dump truck is so huge that it makes the school bus look like a toy in front of it.

21. Snack hunting

Take a look at these wild boars that are becoming more like humans over time.

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They are looking for snacks in the dumpster of an elementary school. It looks like they are not going to lose weight anytime soon.

22. Nothing unusual here

This giant wombat looks like something from another world. Amazingly, it is almost as big as its owner.

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The good thing here is that it is happy in her arms. Stay happy you big, cute adult baby.

23. Blue whale's heart

The Blue Whale is the largest animal known to have ever existed.

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So, it is quite reasonable that it has the biggest heart of all. This is mind-boggling stuff.

24. A Masterpiece

Michelangelo was an Italian sculptor who had significant influence on the development of western art.

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Here, this David statue was created by Michelangelo and it is considered one of his most beautiful works.

25. The oldest and tallest ones

Since Redwood trees can grow 379-feet tall and 29-feet in diameter, it would probably make a very loud sound if any of these trees fell.

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These are also some of the oldest tree species on Earth as they can live for more than 1,800 years. Wow!

26. This explains why horses have great stamina

Horses are known for their great stamina and endurance. This photo shows the amazingly large lungs of a horse.

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Now, it makes a lot of sense why they can sprint so fast and for so long.

27. We are indeed lucky people

If you don't like birds, you should feel super lucky that you weren't born back when these largest flying creatures were around.

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It is four times taller than the man standing near it. So, you know that your chances of survival are very slim.

28. This is as real as it gets

First of all, this is not a scene from a movie. Secondly, if you think a moose is harmless, we'll let you reconsider it.

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As some crazier things happen in Canada, we can see a moose just taking a stroll. Maybe it is going to get bread and milk for breakfast.

29. A giant anchor

Here are a couple of men cleaning a giant ship's anchor. We certainly hope it doesn't hit anything on its way down to the seafloor.

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Generally, anchors weight up to 30 tons and even the links of its chain can weigh up to 500-pounds each.

30. Our earth is quite small

The earth's land area is 148.9 million km². That is quite a lot, right?

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Well, what you are looking at is the number of earth's that would easily fit inside Sun. Yes, our solar system's sun.

31. The ring you give her after messing up big time

Who knows, she might still be mad at you even after receiving this ring.

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Jokes apart, this is one of the prop rings from Lord of the Rings. No wonder why everyone wanted it.

32. He doesn't run, he fly

With world records in 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4x100 meters relay race, he is considered the greatest sprinter of all time.

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This photo gives you a glimpse of how fast Usain Bolt, the Jamaican former sprinter, was.

33. Another reason not to go near water

The lion's mane jellyfish are the largest of their species as they can get as long as 120-feet.

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This huge bell and its long tentacles look scary, but the good thing is that this giant sea creature is not toxic to humans.

34. An upclose shot of traffic lights

We are used to driving past these without really giving a lot of thought about their appearance or other features. How selfish we are.

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Well, here is an up-close shot of the traffic lights and it are massive.

35. It still walks slow

Here is the ultimate snail for you. We are shocked to see how comfortable the lady in the picture is with holding such an enormous snail.

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Scientists have confirmed that its huge size doesn't help it walk fast.

36. Size matters?

In baseball, there is not much focus on height. So, if your height isn't much, it won't matter a lot if you know how to play.

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The giant in the picture is Aaron Judge and the little guy is Jose Altuve.

37. Who knows aliens built it

Although science and technology have advanced a lot, one of the mysteries of the world is none other than the pyramids.

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No one knows how they were built and they probably had a lot of free time to kill.

38. America is not that big

If you ever thought that America was big, it is time for you to reconsider it.

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Here you can see that Africa is so large that four America's can easily fit in it.

39. Thank god we weren't born in those times

Ignore the man lying next to the bone of the world's largest dinosaur. Just look at how huge that bone is.

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Thankfully, scientists believe that this huge creature was an herbivore. It weighed about 77 metric tons, and measured at 131-feet from head to tail and 65-feet tall.

40. Same amount different masses

So the big pile here is $1 bills and the small stack is $100 bills.

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They are both the same amount and yet their masses are different. Long story short, money just never looked this smaller.

41. Both are running backs

This photo gives nightmares to opposing teams as one of them is Derrick Henry and the other is Dion Lewis.

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Both play the running back position in the NFL and they are considered one tight unit that you don't want to mess with.

Credit: Kueez


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