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Jack woke up with black eye and a crazy hangover, found his wife's strange note and started crying





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Always be careful with alcohol. If you drink too much, chances are you'll do something that you'll regret in the morning. Or even worse, you can do something really amazing, and not remember at all that you did it ...

This story is about a man who wakes up with a bruised face, and remembers only small parts of the previous evening. What happened next... Well, we won't give you spoilers.

A married man named Jack woke up with a crazy hangover after a night of drinking with his friends.

He remembers nothing and has no idea how he got home.

"Oh no", he thought to himself, wondering if he had done something terrible at night.

Jack had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he saw was two aspirin pills and a glass of water on the bedside table.

I like this

Jack sat down and saw in front of him clothes that were clean and folded.

He swallowed the aspirin, looked in the mirror and was shocked when he saw a huge bruise around the eye.

Then he saw a note written in red hanging in the corner of the mirror. The note was written with red lipstick and there were small hearts on it and a sign of a kiss from his wife: "Dear husband, last night you got drunk and you made a lot of noise, but don't worry, breakfast is ready for you on the stove. I got out early to buy groceries to prepare your favorite dinner tonight. Love you sweet, Love, Gillian."

Jack went to the kitchen, and as it was written on the note, there was the breakfast, a hot cup of coffee, and a newspaper waiting for him. His son was at the table too, eating breakfast.

Jack asked his son, "So what exactly happened last night?"

The truth revealed

"Well, you came home at 3 am, completely drunk, you fell on the living room table and broke it, and then you vomited in the corridor, and you got that black eye when you hit the door".

Confused, Jack asked his son, "So why is your mother in such a good mood, and how come the breakfast is waiting for me on the table?"

His son answered, "Ah, that, well, when Mom dragged you from the bathroom and tried to take off your pants, you yelled, 'Leave me alone, I'm married! I'm married!'.

Jack felt so relieved that he began to cry!

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