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A single father bought a two-story bus and turned it into an amazing home for him and his daughter





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Adam Collier, a single father, was looking to spend some quality time with his daughter, Devon.

They both like surfing, and there's nothing better for them than going to the south coast of England, getting into the water and riding the waves.

But the meaning of finding a place to sleep, when prices were so high, was that such holidays were very difficult to organize.

So Adam, a talented carpenter, decided to create a vacation home for both of them, by using a very limited budget and a 31-year-old two-story bus as a house on wheels.

The result? Absolutely breathtaking..

His idea began when he bought a two-story bus for about $5800, and then gave himself a budget of $7100 and six months to turn it into a portable home for him and his daughter.

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Adam began by removing the seats, which had driven passengers of the city of Birmingham for at least 31 years.

He did keep some original chairs and added additional cushioning on them to make them more comfortable.

Adam discovered that not only was there no insulation on the bus, he also found rotten floors with holes in them.

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"There's no point in asking for help"

Adam did the whole project himself.

"I'm a professional handyman, so I know how to do everything myself, and there was no point in asking for help from other people".

"In addition, this was my project. I couldn't expect others to have the same level of enthusiasm as mine", he said.

He turned the back of the first floor of the bus into a beautiful dining and living room. The dining table could be taken out when not in use.

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Sitting in the dining area of the back of a 31-year-old bus, you can look out on the wonderful scenery outside and enjoy a warm and cozy wood stove, making the weather outside irrelevant.

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Adam thought of everything in the kitchen, placing it perfectly so that when he worked he could enjoy the stunning countryside of England.

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Unfortunately, the holes in the floor and the lack of insulation were not the only problems, since the generator was also broken and Adam was forced to increase the original budget.

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"The most expensive part of the kitchen was the marble, the rest of the kitchen had cost almost nothing", he said.

Quite impressive, considering that the kitchen on the bus was bigger than the kitchen he had in his house, according to him.

A lovely resting corner

Out of the kitchen, you pass through a very handy storage area, originally where luggage and bags were stored by the bus passengers.

Then you go up the stairs, decorated with a picture of his daughter's, and arrive to the resting area, where there are the original chairs left of the bus. Adam said it was his favorite area in the bus.

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With a British flag pillow, Adam said it was his favorite place because when he was a kid he always sat in this place just above the driver.

At the end of the beautiful corridor was his daughter's room, where the talented father managed to get bunk beds.

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At the other end is Adam's room with what he calls the project's "pride and joy": sliding bedroom doors that slide easily and attach to the walls.

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After six long months of hard work, frustration, and excitement, the passionate surfer created the perfect vacation home for when he and his daughter feel the urge to go to the sea.

Above the budget

Unfortunately, he passed the original budget, where in the end the project cost him about $19400 instead of $13000. But it is still a meager price compared to what people pay for a summer home.

And this is an original and unique design that we think is absolutely amazing.

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To get the full tour inside the house, watch the video below:

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It's amazing what this man did with a two-story bus. A lovely makeover for a cozy and beautiful living home. And the colors are just wonderful. Great work!

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