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She saved the lives of the chimpanzees - 18 years later, she ignored the warnings and approached them





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When Linda Cobb returned to the nature reserve, she was not sure whether her old friends will remember her.

After all, it has been 18 years since she released Swing and Doll back to nature.

Linda met the two chimpanzees when she was a 23-year-old student.

Swing and Doll were just released from the lab, where they were actually lab monkeys who had undergone endless tests and experiments made on them.

Linda spent the next four years rehabilitating them. But one day came and the two chimps were ready for their new life in the nature reserve.

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After spending so many years in captivity, Swing and Doll found it hard to get used to their new surroundings.

Linda was afraid they wouldn't be able to deal with such a huge change.

She remembered watching chimpanzees when they were released to the reserve. Because Swing and Doll spent six years in a lab, Linda was very worried.

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But with Linda's love and care, Swing and Doll slowly adapted to the good life in their new environment.

18 years later, Linda returned to see the friends she had nursed for 4 years.

In the video, Linda walks up to the chimpanzees, not sure whether they will recognize her.

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The caretakers in the reserve didn't think it was safe for Linda to visit Swing and Doll. Chimpanzees are very strong animals and can be aggressive.

But after we've watched the reunion, no one can deny that these animals have strong feelings and an amazing memory.

Watch the amazing and emotional reunion in the video below:

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Although they haven't seen each other for 18 years and had no contact, it's clear to all that the special relationship that Swing and Doll have with Linda can not be broken.

Studies have shown that chimpanzees understand more than we think. And just like us, they kiss, hug, shake hands, and just like humans, make fists with their hands.

Who said chimpanzees can't love someone who saved their lives? Please share the article so that all your friends can see this amazing reunion.


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