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A man tried to scold a guilty dog - torn with laughter from an unexpected "I'm sorry" recorded on camera





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Anyone who has or had a pet knows that along with countless wonderful moments, sometimes you want to tear hair from your head.

The unconditional love of animals has the power to make you smile even on sad days - they are a gift that doesn't stop giving. At the same time, they are far from perfect.

Of all pets, dogs are probably the best example of animals that can be the most cute one minute, and a few moments later make us trouble - whether it's barking loudly, digging in the garden, etc.

Meet Ettore - a dog who learned his lesson in front of the camera when his owner was angry at him for something bad he did.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, you can see Anthony scolding his dog, trying his best to keep a serious face as if trying to show Ettore how serious this situation is.

I like this

Dogs would be dogs, of course, and It seems that Ettore didn't really understand the gravity of what he had done.

Ettore tried to charm Anthony and ask his forgiveness in the only way he knew.

I like this

The result? Well, one could say that Anthony was unable to resist Ettore's surge of cuteness.

Ettore put his hand on Anthony's chest and pressed his head against him, trying to touch his heart. When this method did not work, he had climbed on him and done something so cute that Anthony just could not stand against.

Watch Ettore's behaviour below, and try not to smile:

I like this

We know, it's impossible not to respond. Ettore is perhaps the cutest dog we've seen in a long time!

Share this story if it pleased you from the inside. In the meantime, we will continue to try and find out what we have done that we deserve dogs.


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