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He didn't understand where his dog was going every day - so he followed him and discovered the heartbreaking truth





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This is the story of a dog named Cezar and his owner Mehmet Ilhan who were inseparable friends. Cezar used to always be with Mehmet, and the other way around. But when Mehmet got hospitalized, it was clear that it will be very difficult for Cezar.

"Because of my father's paralysis, they had a different kind of bond", said Ali, Mehmet's son. "When my father spent his last days at the hospital, Cezar stopped eating at all".

Unfortunately, Mehmet passed away. His son Ali adopted Cezar. One day, Ali noticed that the dog started going out for long daily walks - he would sneak outside and be gone for hours before returning home. Ali was confused and also curious about the dog's behaviour, so one day he decided to go follow him.

The moment he found out what Cezar was doing everytime he walked out the house, tears began to trickle down his cheeks. He realized just how much Cezar loved his previous owner.

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When Mehmet's body was brought to the grave, Cezar refused to leave him, and stayed near him with loyalty. During the funeral, Cezar was the first in line and was leading everyone to the grave where Mehmet will to rest for ever.

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Later that day, Ali took Cezar to his home. And in the days that folowed, Ali noticed that every morning Cezar was leaving home early in the morning.

Eventually Ali decided to follow Cezar. He was very curious and wanted to know where Cezar was going every day.

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Ali was shocked when he saw where Cezar was leading him: to his father's grave.

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Cezar would sit on the grave for a while. The cemetery's maintenance guy told Ali that he saw the dog do this every day. Ali got very emotional, and tears started to flow from his eyes.

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Ever since then, Ali started doing these walks with Cezar every day to his father's grave.

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"Cezar is a noble dog", said Ali. "He'll live with me from now on".

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Rest in peace Mehmet, and we're glad to see both Ali and Cezar respect his memory and visit him every day.


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