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This is the reason why people in this tribe live for more than 100 years, and never get cancer





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Conventional medicine often completely ignores different types of natural cures and plants, that are known for their ability to fight against dangerous diseases like cancer.

Vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile (or Amygdalin), is one of them, and foods or products that contain laetrile are considered prohibited for use.

It's known that people of ancient or primitive cultures who live in the nature are exposed much less to cancer than the ones who live in modern society. And in the northern parts of Pakistan, there is an example of such a tribe, called The Hunza.

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This tribe has existed for centuries, and it's members don't know what cancer is. The secret to their immunity against cancer, is Vitamin B17 - and they consume around 3000 mg of it each day!

The tribe members believe that those who have more peach trees - are healthier. Dry peaches contain very high levels of B17.

This natural compound was prohibited for use by the cancer industry. One of the pioneers of using laetrile or amygdalin as an alternative cure for cancer patients was Dr. Ernst T. Krebs (1912-1996). He even published a research where he showed important evidence that the vitamin works well for treatment of the disease.

How does the vitamin work?

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Vitamin B17 contains one molecule of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), two molecules of glucose, and one molecule of Benzaldehyde. When an enzyme called Beta Glucosidase, that exists in cancer cells, comes in contact with the vitamin, it causes the release of the Benzaldehyde and HCN into the cell.

Cancer cells need and feed of glucose to survive and reproduce. So the Vitamin B17 is attracted by the cancer cell due to it's glucose molecules.

When the compound enters the cell, the Beta Glucosidase creates a metabolic reaction that causes the release of the Hydrogen Cyanide and Benzaldehyde to the cell, a thing that leads to the destruction of the cancer cell efficiently.

B17 is lethal for cancer cells but healthy for normal cells - because cancer cells contain high levels of Beta Glucosidase, which are absent in normal cells (normal cells contain a different enzyme called Rhodanese). The HCN and Benzaldehyde are toxic each by itself, but when combined with the glucose molecules as they are "packaged" together in the B17 Vitamin, they are usually harmless, unless consumed at extremely high intakes.

Recommended daily intakes

It is recommended to consume 5-7 peach seeds a day to prevent cancer. For patients who have already been diagnosed it's recommended to consume 1-2 seeds per hour, and no more than 35 seeds a day. A calculation of body weight divided by 3 gives the maximal amount to be consumed every day.

And of course, it's important to find and consult with an alternative medicine practitioner who have experience with this, and can explain and give further instructions.


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