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Her sliding window rail was filthy, so she exposed a genius trick that amazed cleaning lovers all over the world!





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When the windows are dirty, there's a smaller chance you'll open them to let the sunlight enter.

Doors and sliding windows are very useful and can be quite comfortable, but they also absorb alot of dirt and mess.

The thin sliding rail is very difficult to reach, what makes this kind of window cleaning annoying and sometimes impossible. And the dirt and mess only becomes worse with time.

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Not only does it make opening the window or door difficult, the black dirt makes the window look old and filthy. Having fresh air at the house is important, so it should be in your interest to keep these sliding paths clean.

But cleaning out all the dirt from these small places isn't an easy task. Fortunately, there is an easy way to melt the dirt and mess and make your window shine again.

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You will be so amazed of the difference this trick turns your window cleaning to, that you'll want to try it on all your sliding windows and doors in your house. Believe it or not, it could be that this solution already exists in your kitchen.

Very quickly, your house will shine and you'll feel like opening all your doors and windows. It's a trick that will allow you to enjoy summer to it's fullest, and you'll want to keep the fresh air from outside inside your house as long as you can.

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So, are you ready to clean your windows and sliding doors? It's about time! All you need is the next 2 ingredients to make it work.

This technique is very easy, you won't even need to work hard, and you'll be amazed of just how easy it is!

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What you need is the following:

Pour the baking soda powder over the entire window rail, and then pour some of the Hydrogen Proxide liquid over it, and let it sink for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, simply wipe off the dirt with the towel, and observe how easily it gets off. If after your first wipe the window rail is still dirty, repeat the action until you get your desired result.

Watch the video below that explains this method of window cleaning thoroughly:

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