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Parents killed their 7 year old son - and then the doctors found this heartbreaking letter in the boy's hands





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This is a sad story about a small kid with a big heart, and it's one you should all read.

The story is about Ivan, but eventually, not just about him. It's a story about millions of kids just like Ivan, who are living the same nightmare everywhere around the world - an ongoing life of child abuse.

The message of this story is strong. We must not ignore the problem. We must not forget Ivan.

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My name is Ivan and I am 7 years old. I love my mom and dad, but I'm also scared of them. They beat me sometimes and I don't know why.

This morning I woke up and went to school. I am a good pupil and the teacher likes me.

I love my friends for class, but I have no friends. That's the reason why sometimes I stay in class at the breaks. No body wants to play with me. I tried connecting with the other kids, but they rejected me and said that I'm nasty.

They laugh at me because I wear the same clothes almost every day.

One day after school I stole a coat that was hanged in the class for long time, no one was looking after it. And then I went back home alone in the rain. I was cold and shaking and it was difficult walking in the strong wind. Suddenly someone pushed me, I fell in the ground and someone shove my face in the ground.

"No one likes you, you idiot".

They kicked me in the back and the stomatch, and then escaped running and left me laying on the floor.

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I cried. Not because I was cold and injured, but because I didn't have a single friend, although I loved everyone.

The moment I reached home, my mother ran at me and grabbed me by the hair.

"Where have you been? Why are you so wet and dirty? Damn kid, you will not get dinner tonight. Go to your room and stay there".

I did what my mother told me to do, I went to my room and didn't leave it until the next morning, even though I was hungry and cold.

My grades weren't so good, and everytime my dad heard about it, he would beat me. One time he beat me so strong that I couldn't move my finger. All the kids laughed because of it.

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Time went by, and one day I felt strong pain in the chest.

Mom and dad didn't care about my pain. In the evening I was laying in bed and all I wanted was one thing. I wanted that it won't hurt anymore, because I didn't want to piss off mom and dad. I love them so much, I realy do.

The next morning at school we got a mission to do - to pain our biggest dream. The other kids painted cars, spaceships and pretty dolls. I didn't draw something like that.

Not because I don't like those things, but because my dream is to have a loving mom and dad. So I painted a family. One mother, one father, and their son. They played games and were all happy. While I was painting, I cried quitely. I wish I had a mom and dad who would love me.

When it was my turn to show my painting in front of the class, everyone was laughing at me.

I stood in front of them and explained:

"My biggest dream is a family".

They laughed even harder. I started crying and I said,

"Please don't laugh at me, this is my biggest dream! You can beat me, you can hate me, but I beg you, please don't laugh at me".

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"I want parents just like you have, who hug and laugh with me, who pick me up after school and are happy to see me. I know I'm not pretty and weak, I know I have a twisted finger, but please don't laugh at me".

The teacher tried to wipe her tears, I think some of the kids understood me, but alot kept on laughing.

One day after I received back an exam result, I immediately saw I didn't get a good grade. I knew my mom would be very angry at me.

I was scared to go back home, but I didn't know where to go. I went home slowly, but I didn't want to arrive. My mother was furious of anger.

She grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I got a painful hit from the chair.

And then she hit me twice in the head. I was just laying there, couldn't get up. It was very painful. But mom just left me there on the floor.

When she returned she told me to clean up the mess, otherwise when dad will come home he will beat me very strong.

I begged mom to not tell him anything, but when I looked up, I saw that he already arrived.

And when mom told him about the exam, he dragged me off the floor, shook me and beat me in the face.

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And after that I don't remember anything. I woke up in the hospital. I look at my hand, I couldn't touch my fingers. I looked outside the window and cried.

Outside, you see parents with their kids, playing and hugging.

You know why I was crying?

I don't know how it feels like to get a hug from a mother. My parents only beat me, but I still loved them. I always did the best I could, I was good in school, but they still don't love me.

One day I spilled my tea, and they beat me again.

Suddenly I felt a pain in the chest. I told my mom - but she didn't care. After a while, I had to go to the hospital again, but one came to visit me.

The doctors said that my mom and dad will probably come tommorow, but they didn't. I waited and waited, but no one came. I still love my parents.

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Two days later, Ivan passed away from his injuries. In his hand the doctors found a letter that was written in very bad writing.

"Dear mother and fater, I'm scared because they say I am ugly, nasty and stupid. I'm sorry that you can't love me.

I never wanted to make you mad. All I wanted was a hug from mother, and to hear that you love me. Father, I just wanted to play with you, to hold your hand and that you will sing for me.

I know that you are ashame of me. I will never be what you wanted me to be".

And then Ivan's heart stopped beating.

We don't know whether this story is real or not, but that doesn't matter. The message is the most important thing here.

All kids are deserved to be loved. But child abuse exists all the time, anywhere. At homes, and at school.

Children should receive love, kindness, connection and a hug can be more significant than you may think.

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