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New research says: Messed up people ain't lazy, they are infact highly creative and active





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I don't know about you, but I'm living in quite a mess. For me, if it can't be seen - it's clean.

My desk at work is always fill with stuff, the clothes are thrown in the closet, and if the house is messy I got to find powers of a marathonist to have a clean house. But that doesn't say I'm lazy, it's just my way of living.

There are people that if you'll clean up their mess, won't find anything. They like the mess up, the chaos. With that they can handle quite well.

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Many managers don't look at this in a pretty eye when they see mess and chaos in their workers' desks. But a person who gives up on himself and his work desk's organizing can actually be a good employee - the mess is a sign that they focus mostly on work.

The chaos of a person with a non organized desk can be an indicator that they can do alot and fast, according to Professor Eric Abrahamson, author of A Perfect Mess.

"Mess isn't necessarily lack of organizing. You can see this phenomenon at the highest demanding places such as Silicon Valley, where companies reside next to each other and it gives birth to new ideas. A non organized desk can be an efficient technique that gives access to the system", according to Abrahamson.

"In non organized desks, most of the important and urgent things are placed on top of all the mess, where the less important things are buried under, it makes sene", he told the Metro.

Here's a short list of messed up people you all know: Einsten, Darwin, Roald Dahl - all had messed up work desk, and they were all geniuses.

It doesn't matter how hard we work to maintain a clean room and organized desks, eventually everything will get messed up. We need to say YES to mess, and hug the chaotic nature of the world.

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Of course that doesn't mean we need to turn every aspect of our lives into a complete mess. Some organizing can be necessary, comfortable and even appealing, and a clean room always gives a good feeling. But it is overrated, and those who live in mess find themselves being judged unfairly.

Messed up people aren't lazy, they are infact highly creative and courageous.

Another research conducted by Kathleen Vohs from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, found that an unorganized environment helps produce higher levels of creativity.

In simple words, messed up people are adventurous and adapt quickly to their environment. They change the game, and are more worried about how to finish the task in less time and more efficiently, than how they will organized their table.

Life is an unexpected journey. Behave well and enjoy the ride.


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