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A bored mother bought a caravan for $1000 - four months later the makeover was complete!





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When Mandi Gubler came back home with an old caravan from 1973, her husband was not so pleased, to say the least.

Mandi found the caravan on Craigslist and bought it for about $1000.

Her husband, Kurt, scratched his head and asked, "What the hell did you do?".

Mandi had planned to renovate the caravan and build a refuge for her dreams. And we have to say, what she built was much more amazing than we could have dreamed of!

No one but Mandi could guess what she was thinking about when she bought that trailer that she called "The Nugget".

But 4 months later, she amazed everyone with the end result of her project.

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Mandu posted pictures to her blog that documented the entire journey.

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When Mandi bought the trailer, it was in very bad condition, which is probably why it only cost about $1000.

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The panels had serious water damage, there were holes in the walls and the interior design had not changed since the 1970s.

Mandi decided to destroy most of the interior design of the trailer. But it was a much bigger project than just adding new covers to the seats.

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Even the panels outside the caravan had to be removed.

And now, the first thing you notice when you approach the caravan is Mandi's amazing painting work.

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What a change to the outside of the trailer! But wait until you see the inside ...

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The beds and closets of the trailer had to be removed, thus causing the inside of the 'Nugget' to be less claustrophobic.

Mandi replaced them with potted plants and small wooden shelves, along with new purple sofas.

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She replaced the dark panels with ones that give a lighter feeling, including a yellow and eye-catching item on the wall. This helps highlight other details, such as the new wooden door.

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To make up for all the shelves she had removed, Mandi opened the narrow toilet of the trailer to make a pantry.

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But the best thing about this is the new wooden floor, which covers the old green avocado design.

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Beautiful, isn't it?

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It's amazing that it took them 4 months to make such a change to this caravan. What an amazing job!

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Now Mandi has a dream caravan of her own.

And now no one asks Mandi "What the hell did you do?". Instead, they ask, "How the hell did you do that?".

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Share the pictures of this amazing caravan if you know someone who would enjoy it!


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