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A dog was murdered by Russian secret service because it looked too much like Vladimir Putin





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An owner of a murdered dog got headlines after his pet was murdered, according to the reports, by russian secret service agents.

The 5 year old dog gained international attention in 2013 when his image became popular on the internet after receiving attention because of his resemblance to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

"People from all over europe came here to take a picture with him, just because he looks like Putin", recalled the owner.

"Thousands of people came to my village to meet and take pictures with my dog. Reporters from many newspapers from around the world came too. Anatole (the dog's name) loved the attention he received", he recalled with a broken heart.

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Igor Valensky, The 67-year-old owner of the dog, is convinced that those Russian agents are standing behind the murder of his dog.

"They came at night, while I was asleep. I heard barking from the backyard, something which was irregular, and that was the moment when I heard Anatole screaming as if he was hit seriously. I looked out the window, and in the middle of the night, all I could see were people in black suits walking into a black car", he said.

"All I know is they weren't Ukrainians, because I heard one of them say to the other 'push the gas', and it didn't sound like they're from around".

The deceased dog was shot six times, a fact that greatly troubled the sad owner.

"Who shall come out of the darkness and shoot a dog with a silencer", he asked. "I didn't hear shots, and my neighbors didn't hear a thing, it was done by professional assassins", he added.

The local police who investigated the case examined the bullets that killed the dog and they discovered the gun they were fired from was of type PMM, a gun used by Russian security forces.


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