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An animal rescuer thought he was rescuing a puppy, then reached behind the bin and realized his mistake





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The Animal Welfare Association in the state of Michigan, United States, was established in 1877, it is the first association for animals founded in Michigan.

Every year, the association achieves an amazing figure of 100% adoption for more than 8000 animals, with the help of caring, community work, education and advocacy.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the association's volunteers have seen it all over the years.

And yet, Chris Everk was very surprised when he responded to a call about a puppy that had been thrown from her home and tied to a couch that had been dumped by the sidewalk.

It was a cold and rainy day, and when Chris arrived he saw the puppy sitting between a garbage can and a recycling bin.

But there was more than he saw...

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When you work in a kennel or an association for animals you really don't know what to expect when someone calls you.

But when seasoned animal rescuer Chris Everk was called to the rescue, he thought it would be just another day at work.

But very quickly he will find out how wrong he is.

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It was a rainy and very cold day when Chris arrived at the arena. He quickly noticed a puppy between the two bins trying to keep herself dry and warm.

He called the trembling puppy, and she immediately ran to him.

As he stroked and picked her up, Chris heard another sound coming from the bins.

At first he thought there might be another puppy there, but then he reached out and found out what it was.

To his great surprise, he discovered a kitten, also shivering from the cold and rain.

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It turns out that the puppy and the kitten cuddled together to keep their bodies warm. How heartless can one be to abandon two helpless creatures in the cold and rain?

Chris immediately put the puppy and kitten in his truck and drove to the shelter, where they received vaccinations and medical treatment.

But there was still a long way to go for these little ones. Unfortunately, the starving and emaciated puppies received a lot of love, care and food that brought them back to normal.

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The puppy and the kitten, whose names are Camarin and Thomas, formed a special bond and continue to cuddle with each other. They don't leave each other not even for a moment.

They even received their treatments together, and stayed in the same cage at the veterinary hospital!

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We're glad Chris answered the call and saved these two cuties in time! Those who abandoned them should be ashamed of themselves.

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