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A woman wanted to get pregnant so she took hormones - when the doctor examined her, he immediately ran to call for help





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Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey already had a beautiful little daughter, McKayla, but they wanted more children.

Due to a hormonal problem, Bobbi had to take supplements.

Then in 1997, everything changed drastically for the little family with the arrival of something completely unexpected..

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The hormones not only worked - they worked a little too well, one might say..

Bobbi did become pregnant, but not with just one or two babies - she was pregnant with no less than seven babies!

Because a pregnancy of this kind is considered high risk, the doctors did not believe that all seven babies would survive. But abortion was not an option for Bobbi, who decided to continue with the pregnancy in the hope that all seven would be born healthy.

By the ninth week, Bobbi was already bedridden. Every move was dangerous, and then one month before the due date, she was admitted to the hospital.

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Despite the great risk, five of the seven children, Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon and Joel, were born healthy. The two other babies Alexis and Nathan needed extra care at the hospital in their first few days.

Moving from a family of three to a family of ten was a big challenge. But thanks to extensive media coverage, the family received help from local residents in the town, volunteers and private donations.

Without this help, they would have difficulty feeding the babies, buying diapers or even buying them beds. In total, they used 150-170 diapers a week, and the family got help by 8 people every day and night.

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It has now been more than 20 years since the rare birth, and the little babies are not so little anymore. Mom and Dad's house is probably quieter.

The children chose very different lives from each other. For example, Kelsey chose to study music, and Alexis wants to be ateacher.

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Imagine growing up in such a big family - can there be a moment of sadness at home?

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What a wonderful family!


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