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She took care of her sick husband for 20 years - when he died, her son called and gave her the surprise of her life





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Carla Brooks is a devoted wife who has been caring for her sick husband for 20 years after he suffered a stroke.

After he passed away several years ago, Carla felt that her life no longer had meaning. It was then that her son, Burton, had a brilliant idea.

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A few days after his father's death, Burton went through an old photo album and found some postcards from a trip to Europe his mother took in 1962. That was the moment he thought of the wonderful idea: to thank her, he invited her on a trip to Europe. They will visit 20 countries, one country for every year she cared for his father.

The trip

During the trip, he hoped to help his mother with the grief she had to deal with after his father's illness and death. So he began to plan the surprise.

"After the stroke, my mother took care of my disabled father - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 20 years - until he passed away last year", Burton wrote on his blog.

"Ever since I can remember, whenever she did something impressive, he would jokingly say, 'How did you do that? You're just a little girl from Kamas (a small town in the state of Utah, United States)', and that would always put a smile on her face. But now that he's gone, she's completely lost and doesn't know what to do with herself now that she has no one to take care of, and she just can't find the old adventurer hidden in her".

"I wanted to see if I could change that by taking her on a big adventure, because I think it's time to find the little girl from Kamas, and prove to her that she still has a lot of life left to live.."

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Don't take anything for granted

What an amazing son! We really need to appreciate the gift of time and not take for granted the fact that our loved ones will always be by our side.

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Feel free to share this son's wonderful surprise to inspire others to return all the love we receive from our mothers.


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