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A boy disappeared without a trace - so the police found mysterious traces behind him





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Every parent's worst nightmare is losing their child, and I say this as a parent myself.

Just the thought of losing my kid or something terrible happening to him can break me to pieces.

And this nightmare became a reality for one mother whose son disappeared from their home one morning.

The police started looking for him and found the little boy's tracks in the woods near the house.

But these weren't the only traces of him they found - it was clear that someone had been following him.

As parents, we cover our children at night before bed thinking they are safe at home.

And mother Chelsea Noble from Mississippi, is no different. So, you can imagine the horror that gripped her one morning when she went to check on her two-year-old son, William, and found the bed empty and her son nowhere in the house.

In a state of extreme distress and panic, she immediately called the police hoping to get help from them.

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The police began an extensive search to locate the boy, but despite using search dogs, helicopters and many police officers - they found no trace of William.

The only clue they had were some footprints they found on a path not far from the house. When they looked closely at those footprints, they realized something horrifying - they could clearly see another pair of footprints.

The police assumed that the worst had happened - that someone had followed the boy and kidnapped him.

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The child does not speak

As you can probably imagine, Chelsea became more worried and scared. And if that wasn't enough, William, who was diagnosed as autistic, does not speak, and the chance of hearing him cry or cry for help was slim.

The rescuers knew they had to find William before it was too late and that the extra pair of tracks was the key to finding the boy.

The search lasted for hours, but in the end it was not the police who found the boy. The hero who saved the day was a 10-year-old boy and the other pair of footprints was also revealed - which left everyone very surprised.

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10-year-old Blake had just gotten off the school bus when he heard a dog barking. He was intrigued and decided to follow the barking into the forest. There he found an abandoned car along with the still barking dog. The dog looked abandoned and was running in circles around the car, trying to draw attention to what was inside.

Blake felt the situation was a little strange so he called his uncle and together they went back to the car. When the uncle peered into the car through one of the windows, he saw something he could never have imagined. Inside a box on one of the seats he saw a sleeping child - it was William.

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Dog's footprints

Finally, William was reunited with his mother, all thanks to the barking of the stray dog ​​and a curious 10-year-old boy. Authorities believe William left the house alone and walked into the woods, and fortunately, nothing seems to have happened to him. And as for the mysterious footprints, well, it turns out they weren't human after all, but dog footprints.

After closely examining the tracks, the police realized that the dog that was next to the boy, had been following William all day, by his side - like a friend. The dog, named Jezebel, apparently guarded and prepared him during their journey from the house to the woods and into the car.

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Although William was reunited with his mother, Chelsea was later accused of neglecting her child, according to reports. And the case is still pending in court.

We are saddened to hear that William has been separated from his mother, and hope that everything will work out, but we are happy to know that he is safe and sound. All thanks to a wonderful dog and a 10-year-old hero.


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