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A Mom posted picture of her nails on social media - immediately received messages urging her to go to a doctor





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One of the best things about social media is that people can connect with others on a level that has never been possible before.

We can update our friends and family on everyday things in our lives, as well as ask questions, recommendations, warnings and opinions. Of course, flooding your newsfeed with things other people do on a daily basis is not always fun and interesting, but there has been more than one case where people's lives have been saved thanks to it.

And so it was with 53-year-old Jean Williams Taylor, who posted a picture of her nails on Facebook and how they are curved. Jean thought it was a result of bad genes, but it soon became clear that it was a warning sign of her body. Only when she received a private message on Facebook from someone else, the scary truth began to seep in..

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Jean Williams Taylor did not think too much about her nails being naturally curved. Her mother - who died of lung cancer - also had such nails, so Jean thought it was something hereditary.

When she received a Facebook message from a doctor - who recommended her to go for a checkup - she thought it was a bit excessive. But she went anyway, and there she was diagnosed with 'Finger Clubbing', which can sometimes indicate health or heart problems.

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After a series of tests, two tumors the size of golf balls were discovered in her lungs.

After the diagnosis - which she decided to go to the doctor to be examined just in case, Jean decided to post a warning on Facebook so that others could read. She wants others to have their nails checked regularly to make sure people can spot potential warning signs.

"It feels great", Jean said. "A lot of people sent me pictures of their nails, but I'm not an expert. I was only diagnosed two days ago".

Check your nails

The bottom line is that we all need to be better aware of our health and the warning signs the body sends us.

Your nails can be indicators of problems you may have, so you should always see a doctor if you believe there is something wrong or unusual. For Jean, it was so easy to ignore the warning signs and move on with her life. But she has decided that it is better to be safe now than to regret it later, and we are sure she is grateful for that.

If you notice anything unusual or wrong with your body, always go for a checkup by a doctor.

Help us share Jean's warning so others know it too. Who knows, maybe it will save someone's life!


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