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Here is why my mother always puts baking soda on her feet. I didn't believe her until I tried for myself





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When we were young, most of us felt that our mother had a solution to every type of pain we suffered from.

Now when we're adults and have children of our own, we are often reminded of these home remedies - instead of running to the pharmacy and buying expensive medicine. What many of us don't realize is that many pains can be relieved with the help of things we have in our kitchen cabinets.

In the following list, we collected some home remedies that we have been known over the years, and most of them don't require special time or effort. Some of them you may know and some may be new to you - but you will want to click the share button after reading them so that your friends can also stay healthy and happy with these smart tips.

1. Relief from sunburn

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A day in the sun is perfect for the body and soul - but it is important to be careful and apply sunscreen because sunburn can lead to skin cancer and is also be very painful.

If your skin got burnt - there is a natural remedy that can relieve the pain. All you have to do is go to the kitchen and prepare black tea! Make a jug of very strong black tea and let it cool, then soak a towel in it and place it on the painful area - and the tannic acid and theobromine in the black tea will remove heat from the burns while other ingredients called catechins will help heal the skin.

2. Help with insect bites

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A sunburn will happen at some point in the summer, but being stung by mosquitos or other insects is another matter. It's not terrible for a joke and the itching can upset everyone - but to ease the situation, you can use baking soda.

Mix baking soda with water to create an ointment and apply it to the bite to relieve the itching. Other home remedies that can be used are tea tree oil or onion.

3. Sore throat? No problem

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Tired of buying medicine for your sore throat? Forget about them! Use apple cider vinegar - a wonder liquid that has been used to cure diseases for centuries. Mix 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 3 tablespoons of water, gargle the wonder drug several times an hour to get optimal results. The vinegar kills the bacteria that cause sore throats.

4. Fight fatigue

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Most of us think of a large cup of coffee to help us stay awake and focused during the day. But a lesser-known solution is fresh mint leaves. The scent of mint is a well-known aromatherapy oil that fights fatigue and can be a wonderful way to start the day!

Plus, you can eat them. The green leaves are rich in vitamin C and E, folic acid, calcium and iron.

5. Healing wounds

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Honey has many positive properties including a healing power because it contains a specific bacterium of lactic acid. Some scientists claim that honey can be used as an antibiotic. For this reason, honey is an excellent remedy for wound healing. The best thing is to use wild or organic honey in general as it contains a greater amount of this healthy bacterium.

6. Treatment of warts

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This may sound strange, but masking tape can treat warts! This is because the tape sticks to the warts and causes them to die. Place a piece of masking tape on the wart for six days. Remove the tape, wipe and remove the dead skin. Repeat the operation until you have completely removed the wart - simple and smart!

7. Healing bath for the feet

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When you spend all day standing or walking most of us crave a comfortable bath for our feet. Well, next time you feel that way, don't forget to add some mouthwash. It helps maintain healthy feet thanks to the antibacterial properties of the mouthwash. Your feet will thank you later!

You may have already known some of these tricks, but we wanted to share them for those who didn't know, because they are so smart, cheap and convenient.

Click the share button and spread these tricks to your friends so they too can enjoy them. They will thank you later!


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