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A black cat made strange noises on the baby monitor, mom checked the bedroom and immediately jumped on the phone





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For those of us who want to have children, we can't help but think how many children we want and whether we want boys or girls, and dreaming of the future is a natural thing to do.

But, as most of us know, things don't always end up according to our plans.

Roy and Bernita Rogers talked about their dreams and why they wanted a big family.

But when it came time to for them try and get pregnant, things didn't go as expected.

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After about two years of marriage, the couple had three abortions. But despite their heartbreak, they did not lose hope.

To fill the void for failing to give birth, Bernita decided to adopt a cat. Someone she can focus her love on.

The beautiful black cat, named Midnight, became an important part of the family and marked the beginning of something new and important.

Shortly after they adopted Midnight, Bernita became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.

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Their baby, Stacy, and Midnight became best friends and the cat was her personal bodyguard.

When the sweet baby showed signs of feeling unwell they took her to a doctor who assured them that they had no cause for concern and that it was just a mild cold.

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After returning home Roy and Bernita put the baby to sleep, knowing that the monitor was on and Midnight was nearby.

But soon after, they heard unusual screams from the monitor.

"It was a horrible scream. It was scary enough for me to leap out of the chair and run to the second floor", Bernita said. The worried parents ran into their daughter's room and saw Stacey having trouble breathing.

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Stacey's skin turned blue and they immediately drove her to the emergency room, where they were told their baby was suffering from severe respiratory failure.

With quick treatment, she started to feel better but if they didn't run with her immediately to the hospital, who knows what would happen.

Thank God Midnight summoned them on time. Black cats are amazing, but there are people who are scared and get away from them. This cat is a superhero and deserves a delicious snack and a hug.

Animals feel things that we do not, and my cat also feels things that I do not.

He stays close to me when I am sick or sad, he lies down on my chest and touches with his face in my face with a loving hug.

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Watch Roy and Bernita's full story in the video below:

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Many people think cats are stupid. Cats are actually very smart. And this story warmed our hearts.

Thank god Midnight was there to save his little sister

Please share this amazing story with all the cat lovers you know.


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