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Judge Judy let the dog choose who was his owner, now watch as they let him go on the court floor





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Dogs. They are wonderful. I mean, what other animal is so loyal and still so mischievous? They really are man's best friends!

Dog owners, of course, love their furry friends just like their dogs love them. So it would be unbearable for any dog owner if someone took their dog and claimed it was his dog.

And that was exactly the case that was brought before Judge Judy Sheindlin in the Judge Judy reality show.

Now the video from the popular program has become viral all over the world.

In the video, Judge Judy receives a fairly unique case. In its center is Baby Boy, a little puppy that both the Plaintiff and the Defendant claim to belong to.

The defendant in the case claims that she bought the dog from someone who sold dogs on the street. But the plaintiff claims that Baby Boy belongs to him - and that the dog was sold without his knowledge.

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For Judge Judy, there was only one way to settle this conflict. She asked the dog to show the court who her real owner was.

You may think this will be a difficult task, since dogs can not speak for themselves. But Judy had a smart solution. She asked to release the dog, and instead of talking, he could go and show everyone who was his real owner.

Now watch below for the dog's choice:

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