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Nine professional tips to make you look your best in photos





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In this era, we are used to take pictures amd we cannot think that things will be different.

And still, in most cases, the images we shoot are quick selfie images our smartphones.

Although we can make some corrections with filters all kinds of apps on the phone, it will never be like a professional photo session in the studio.

But that doesn't mean you can't look great in every shot, so the photographer Roman Zahrachenko reveals a few tips to help you look the best you can in every image.

Try to avoid low-angle photos

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Low angle images photography makes the photo look more stressed and is likely to add weight. It is better to take pictures of yourselves and others from eye level – this will ensure that whoever is in the image won't look bloated or make them double chin.

Do not take high angle

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High angle pictures make your head look bigger than the rest of the body. Still, it may be worth the risk if you're looking for something cute, like the picture of Puss in Boots from shrek!

Find your best side

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The face of everyone is asymmetric. Therefore, it would be wise to recognize what is your good side and make sure it is facing the camera when taking pictures.

Do not pull in the cheeks

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If you want to highlight the cheeks, don't bring them in. Just turn your heads three-quarters from the camera and push the tongue into your mouth ceiling.

Become champions in the art of strabismus

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Keep your eyes open and lifting the eyebrows give your face a scared look. During the session, the best thing would be to close the eyes a little – this will give you a secure and impressive look.

Try not to pout

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Not only does pouting creates a look thats threating, but this stance also makes your nose look longer! The correct way to present yourself during filming is to look straight into the camera.

Lift your chin up

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When you shoot yourself from the side, lift the chin to give your face more expression. Thanks to this simple trick, your cheeks and neck will look slimmer.

Do not shrink your lips

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When sending a kiss for the camera, try not to do it with overplay. Otherwise, it looks like you're blowing something. Or doing a duck-face.

Smile naturally

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A light and easy smile would flatter you more, while a wide smile just accentuates wrinkles, if present.

Source: BrightSide


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