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A squirrel knocked on the door every day - 8 years later, the family understood what she wanted to show them





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The relationship between humans and animals can be very close. And we're not just talking about dogs and cats. Sometimes even wild animals can form a close relationship with humans.

After Brantley Harrison and her family rescued an injured squirrel in 2009, they released it back into the wild and never expected to see it again.

But eight years later, the squirrel, whom they called Bella, returned to visit them almost every day - as long as she had something to eat of course.

In 2009, a squirrel named Bella was attacked by an owl, and almost died. But luckily, Brantley Harrison and her family took her into their home and cared for her until she recovered.

The family treated Bella like a member of the family and fed her regularly with fruits and nuts. Bella stayed with them until the spring of 2010, when she fully recovered.

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Eventually, the Harrison family separated Bella and released her back into the wild. But in fact Bella didn't move away at all. In fact, she still visits her human family when she can - even after 8 years have passed since the family saved her life.

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"Bella is sitting by the front door waiting for someone to notice that she's come to visit. She even jumps over the kitchen window to peek and hope someone notices her", Brantley said.

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But the most amazing part is that eight years after living in the Harrison family's house, Bella returned to get help and treatment for her injured leg - and it turned out that she was also pregnant. So Bella stayed another month with the family.

In other words, not only did she remember who her family was, she also chose to return to them and share a milestone in her life with them.

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"It's just amazing to see the baby I raised raise her own babies", Brantley Harrison said.

Animals are amazing, and this story shows how close animals and humans can be.


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