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A couple adopted a newborn baby girl. After the father noticed something specific in her face, everyone's heart melted





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Walt and Annie have known each other since they were children. They were neighbors, and their families would often get together. And when they grew up, Walt and Annie fell in love and got married. But it wasn't until they started talking about having children that the couple realized they were meant to be together. They both dreamed of having a daughter, and they had already chosen a name for their future daughter. But none of them could guess what journey they were going to go through..

Walt was only 10 years old when he saw his future daughter for the first time. He pictured her in his head, and she had black hair and fair skin. Her name? Chloe.

From that day forward, Walt knew he would have a daughter named Chloe. Walt has blue eyes, so he thought she would look like her mother and future wife.

The years passed and Walt fell in love with his childhood friend Annie, who grew up next door to him. They got married and started their life together. At first they didn't talk about having children, but chose to travel and do other things for a few years.

So one day, they decided it was time. Annie even told Walt that she wanted their future daughter to be named Chloe.

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When Walt heard this, he was shocked because it was the same name he had dreamed of as a child. He told Annie about the girl he met and the two realized they were meant for each other.

But after trying to conceive for several years, they began to lose hope. The couple realized that they might not be able to have children.

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Even though they were skeptical about adoption, they started applying. And that's when something magical happened..

One day, Annie received an email from the adoption agency stating that they had found a girl for her and Walt. A pregnant woman chose the couple, and wanted them to adopt her baby.

The couple were very happy, but also worried. Will this be their girl? Their "Chloe"?

They wondered if they should choose another name. They had been trying to bring a child for so long that "Chloe" didn't feel right anymore.

But when they met the mother of the girl they were about to adopt, everything changed. She told them that she had already thought of a name that she liked and that she wanted to share it with the couple who were going to adopt her daughter.

The name she thought of was - Chloe.

Walt and Annie couldn't believe what they were hearing. But that was the moment they understood. It was Chloe. And it was meant to happen. Then their daughter was born. And she looked just like the girl in Walt's dream.

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This story really moved us. Chloe was meant to be Walt and Annie's daughter, even before she was born.

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Watch Walt and Annie's amazing story in the video below.

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