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The mother had 4 babies in her huge belly - so the doctor looked at the ultrasound and realized that something was really wrong





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Three years ago, Ivana and David Cardenas Gutierrez went to the hospital for an ultrasound. They assumed the mother was having a normal pregnancy with one child.

But it didn't take long to realize that wasn't the case. What the doctor told them changed all their plans, and suddenly the couple faced a very difficult decision.

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Ivana's doctor saw that she was pregnant with more than one baby. Not one, not two or three - but four! David and Ivana could not believe their eyes, they were convinced that the doctor was joking with them.

It just can't be.. a quadruplet? It is very rare: the doctor explained to them that it happens once in 700,000 pregnancies.

But this was no joke. And if that wasn't enough, the couple faced an extremely difficult decision..

Two important details became clear: the birth would be high risk, and it would have to happen soon. Ivana was only on the 27 weeks when the doctor informed them that Gabriel, as the boy will be called, is not receiving oxygen. The situation was serious.

They were faced with a life or death decision.

The couple had to act quickly. Either let the pregnancy continue, which means Gabriel won't survive, but the other three babies will, or do an emergency c-section to deliver all four babies. For Ivana and David the decision was clear, they decided to deliver all the babies on the same day - even though their chances of survival were only 40%.

The couple prepared for the worst, but as long as there was a chance to save all the children they were willing to take the risk.

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But the unbelievable happened: all four tiny babies survived! The doctors could not believe their eyes. Ivana and David gave birth to quadruplets - four weeks before the expected date.

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Today the family is healthy and whole! Julian, Sebastian, Gabriel and Francesca are 4 years old today.

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This story is just amazing!


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