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18 ingenious tricks and tips that will make you say 'Wow'





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There are thousands of articles on the internet with all kinds of tips and tricks that will make our lives easier. But it seems people never stop inventing new ways to make their daily tasks easier.

Here are some of the most ingenious tricks and tips that will change your world!

We guarantee you that these are the solutions you've been waiting for!

If you are too hungry or waiting for guests, this trick will allow you to make two pizzas at the same time!

I like this

Just cut the pizza in half, and put them on baking paper as you see in the picture.

Cut pepper properly

I like this

Cut off the top and bottom of the pepper, then run the knife through the inside of the pepper.

Removing excess oil

I like this

All you have to do is put some rice

Use an apple cutter not just for apples

I like this

With this simple trick, you can cut potatoes into wonderful slices with ease

Serving refreshing drinks from watermelon

I like this

Drill a hole big enough to insert a mixer blade, add the ingredients you want, and mix well.

Two lids to cut cherry tomatoes

I like this

You can use this method to cut olives, cherries and grapes too

Use a paper towel to keep the lettuce fresh and crisp

I like this

Just cover the lettuce or leafy greens with a paper towel. The paper towel will absorb the moisture and keep the leaves fresh

The fastest way to peel oranges and tangerines

I like this

Cut the top and bottom of the fruit, make a vertical cut on the side, and slowly roll it out.

Ice cubes from coffee

I like this

Put the coffee ice cube in milk and enjoy a delicious and refreshing drink

Peeling a mango with a glass

I like this

Forget sticky fingers! Cut the mango into three pieces, and gently slide each piece down the glass. Ta-da!

Peeling kiwi with a spoon

I like this

Cut off both ends of the fruit. Insert a spoon between the skin and the flesh of the kiwi. Now move the spoon around until the kiwi comes out.

A warm glass will help you soften the butter

I like this

Just place a hot cup over the cold, hard butter, and you'll see how it softens in no time

Take advantage of the cookie tray

I like this

Just fill one of the holes with milk and enjoy a wonderful dessert

A plastic bottle to separate egg white and yolk

I like this

Touch the opening of the bottle to the egg yolk and press gently on the bottle

Another life for an empty ketchup bottle

I like this

A thoroughly washed ketchup bottle can become a pancake batter bottle

Plastic bags for storing vegetables in the refrigerator or freezer

I like this

Cut the vegetables, and put them in tightly closed bags, and store them in the freezer or refrigerator. With this trick, you will always have fresh vegetables.

Removing dead strawberry leaves with a straw

I like this

All you have to do is skewer the strawberry with the straw

The easiest way to peel a banana

I like this

Just press the bottom of the banana


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