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An 84-Year-old man puts makeup on his wife every day - the reason has melted hearts of people all over the world





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Aging is an inevitable process, and one that brings with it changes that we must get used to.

There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges in the aging process is the physical difficulty. Things you used to take for granted become extremely difficult, to the point where you feel your independence begin to crumble.

Unfortunately this was the case with Mona Meinhan, whose advanced age left her unable to apply make-up. Although her exact age is unknown, Mona's deteriorating eyesight, along with shaky hands, meant she could no longer do the things she was used to.

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But in an emotional and heartwarming video produced by the BBC, it was revealed that Mona doesn't have to worry about her makeup: because her husband learned how to do her makeup by himself!

Every day, 84-year-old Des Meinhan applies makeup on his wife so that she can feel beautiful. The video went viral and melted hearts all over the world.

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Des even went to a makeup class to make sure he would do an optimal job. When the couple's romantic story even reached Kim Kardashian's private makeup artist.

In the interview it can be said that Mona and Des are still in love. They have been married for 56 years, and Des helps his wife in everything he can, even though he doesn't think she needs makeup to be beautiful.

"I always believe that less is more and I don't want my beloved Mona to be full of makeup ..", he says in the video.

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Last month, Mario Dedivanovic, a celebrity makeup artist - including Kim Kardashian's, heard about Des and Mona's story and invited them to an artist's workshop in London.


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You can watch the exciting video below - but beware, you may need to prepare the handkerchiefs:

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Certainly, we have tears in our eyes. Kudos to Des for showing us that there is something to strive for when it comes to relationships - you are a true gentleman!

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