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Frederick looks like a normal horse from the back. But when he turns around, he makes the whole internet fall in love with him





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It is very easy to appreciate the beauty horses have. Royal, powerful and also very sociable, there is a reason why humans have been using them for centuries.

Naturally, it is not an easy task to win the title 'The most beautiful horse in the world', but we think we have found a worthy candidate named Frederick the Great - a horse of the Frisian breed.

With his long, muscular build, Frederick made a name for himself in the horse world. And in his Facebook page he already has over 100,000 followers, and for many he is considered the most beautiful horse in the world.

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Frederick lives in a Frisian stallions horse farm in the Ozark Mountains in the United States. His race has almost got extinct from the world several times, so its owner Stacey Nazario is focusing on his race survival.

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As his owner tell: "Frederick is considered the most photogenic Frisian horse in the world. His stunning photographs were taken by photographer Cali Materley, and millions of people around the world viewed his pictures".

We are forced to agree, especially when his mane is fluttering in the wind.

Also known as the "Labrador in the hooves", Frederick is a gentle giant who enjoys the attention he gets.

He travels all over the United States and performs at events, but his home is located in Ozark.

His owner says the Frisian race has nearly got extinct three times, making Frederick even more special.

Do you also think he is majestic and handsome?

Isn't he impressive? Please share with all the horse lovers you know! Frederick deserves all the love in the world.


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