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89-year-old grandmother was asked to be a bridesmaid at a wedding. When I found out why, my heart just melted to the floor





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Unfortunately, we often forget our older relatives and don't share them too much in our lives. But when this woman was about to get married, she did not hesitate for a moment when she asked her 89-year-old grandmother to be her bridesmaid. When we read this story, our heart just melted.

The time had come and Christine Quinn was about to get married. So she asked her beloved grandmother to be her bridesmaid at the wedding.

And of course Grandma Betty gladly fulfilled her request, and it was such a huge success that she made all the guests laugh with words of wisdom and experienced tips she shared with everyone throughout the day.

Betty also attended the party after the wedding and stayed until the late hours of the night - "Your age reflects how you feel, and I felt very young today", Betty said.

"Why would you want an old woman at your bachelorette party?", Grandma Betty asked her granddaughter.

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But Christine did not hesitate for a second. Clearly she wanted her grandmother to take part.

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"She has a wonderful sense of humor and a special outlook on life, and I try to emulate her every day. Everyone loves her", Christine said.

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We're all getting older, but we definitely do not have to grow up!

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We totally agree with Betty. Age is just a number and we should always share and invite our older relatives to every event we hold.

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