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15 matching pets whose parents most definitely came from the same gene pool





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Sometimes our pets wind up choosing us, instead the other way around, like when we adopt a homeless pet that crossed our path.

However, sometimes we have the advantage of selecting our pets based on attributes we find appealing. People tend to have very specific criteria when it comes to color, fur length, and size.

Maybe that's why it is not uncommon for humans to have pets who look like each other, even though they're biologically a different species. We call these matchy-matchy animals "brothers from another mother", and they're just so adorable.

1. These two fuzzy gingers like to take naps together

I like this

2. "Hello, strange kitten. Where are you from?"

I like this

3. If it weren't for the ears, we'd think these two were twins.

I like this

4. Where did they get this amazing husky cat?

I like this

5. Gorgeous puppy and kitten are a matched pair. Look at those eyes!

I like this

6. One of them is not like the others, but don't tell her that.

I like this

7. Calico pals for life!

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8. We didn't know ponies came with Jack Russell markings.

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9. You can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

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10. Same coat, vastly different facial expressions.

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11. Day three: They still haven't discovered that I'm a dog.

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12. Black and white bros say "hi!"

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13. Window brothers from another mother.

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14. What happened to that bunny's ears?

I like this

15. You know you're kin when your grumpy furry sister allows you to cuddle.

I like this

You can tell these animals' parents most definitely came from the same "ground", isn't so? They just can't get enough of their preferred markings and colorings, and we can't blame them for it. Every one of these pets somehow gets even cuter when they're paired with a matching animal!

If these precious matching animals made you smile, share this story to brighten someone else's day, too.

Credits: InspireMore


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