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A deaf customer just wanted to buy coffee, so the waitress brought him a note that made us cry





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Most people don't understand how stressful it is for people with disabilities to do ordinary things such as ordering a cup of coffee. And even if they do get noticed, how many people really do something to help?

We were very happy to hear about this story of Barista who went above and beyond to make another person's life easier.

Ibby Piracha, who became deaf when he was two years old, goes to a local cafe regularly three times a week. He usually orders the same thing - parfait caramel.

Even though all the baristas know him and know what he is about to order, Ibby usually writes his order on the phone and shows it to employees of the barista.

But one day, one of the baristas did something that changed everything.

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Ibby showed the Barista his phone where his regular order was listed. But to Ibby's great surprise, an employye of the barista, Crystal Payne, handed him a handwritten note in response.

"I'm learning the sign language just so you'll have the same experience as everyone else", the note read.

So Crystal asked him in sign language what he wanted to drink.

Ibby was surprised and very moved by the fact that she learned sign language in her spare time just to make him feel more comfortable and better.

"I was so moved from the fact she wanted to learn the language. Sign language is a completely different language and is it something she did just because of me? Because I'm a deaf customer? I was very impressed", Ibby said.

According to the cafe, Crystal Payne watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos and learned a basic sign language so she could give her regular customer the service she thought he deserved.

Ibby was so moved by Crystal's gesture that he had to share it with the world. He posted a picture of the note she gave him in hopes that more people in the world would understand the deaf community.

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Most people probably think that what Crystal did was above and beyond her role. But for Crystal it was not a big deal.

"My job is to make sure people have the experience they expect and that's what I gave him", she said.

Thanks to Crystal's wonderful efforts, Ibby can now go to his favorite cafe and order just like anyone else.

Please share the story if you too think we should praise and glorify what Crystal did for Ibby.


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