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11 original and effective home uses with empty toilet paper rolls





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Toilet paper is a necessary household item. But every time we finish a toilet paper roll, we immediately throw it in the trash without thinking about it too much.

But it turns out that toilet paper rolls have a lot more uses than we thought.

Here are some practical uses for empty toilet paper rolls.

Next time, try using some of these ideas before you throw them in the trash.

Creative mirrors

Add some decorations to the walls by making cute little mirrors. First, cut the toilet paper roll into small pieces and then glue them together. Finally, place them around the mirror.

Click here for the full guide.

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Storage for toy cars

Instead of toy cars scattered everywhere, make a cute parking lot out of toilet paper rolls. It's perfect and beautiful!

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Germination container

Cardboard can be a perfect sprouting container because it provides drainage and will eventually fall apart. This will allow your seedlings to grow and flower.

Click here for more details.

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Desk organizer

If you need a place to store pencils, pens and pins, then prepare this cute and efficient organizer. Spray paint on a few toilet paper rolls, then attach each roll to a piece of cardboard.

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Pencils holder inspired by nature

Look for some twigs. Then stick the twigs to the toilet paper rolls to give them a rustic look.

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Feeding birds

Cover the rolls with peanut butter and then sprinkle with bird food

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Arrange the cables

Roll the cables into toilet paper rolls and keep them organized and tidy.

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Organize the wool

Wrap the wool around a roll of empty toilet paper and keep it in one place

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Keep the scarves tidy

Put empty toilet paper rolls in a drawer. Then, roll up the scarves and put them in the empty rolls for quick and convenient storage.

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Store wrapping paper

Insert the rolls of wrapping paper into a toilet paper roll to maintain order and organization

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Prepare an elegant and easy gift box

This is really cool!

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What did you think? Do you have any more ideas? Tell us in the comments below


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