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Experts reveal: 5 tips to help you choose the perfect watermelon every time





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There aren't many things that can be more refreshing than a juicy watermelon.

Of course, the satisfaction of eating a watermelon greatly depends on the choice of watermelon you buy. If you chose the wrong watermelon you will be screwed - and trust us, this has happened to us in the past.

You may think that choosing the right watermelon is a matter of luck and nothing more, that it depends on the watermelon god and what he chooses that day.

Mistake. There are actually several methods to choose the perfect watermelon, as an experienced farmer reveals. And we will reveal the methods to you next in the article.. because we want you to enjoy the watermelon you buy.

1. Field stain

The first thing you need to look for in a watermelon are these weird white spots that are on them - also known as 'field spots', but they are actually completely natural. These white spots indicate where the watermelon lay on the ground. Each watermelon will have such a white spot, but the best ones will be cream-yellow, sometimes even orange-yellow. Choose these colors if you want the best.

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2. Fabrics

The 'fabrics' on the watermelon can tell you the number of times bees have touched the flower. The greater the level of pollen, the sweeter the watermelon. Therefore, the more fabrics - the better.

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3. Size

It is only natural to assume that the larger the watermelon the tastier it will be. We don't know about you, but many times we are looking for the biggest fruits that are on the shelf.

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In reality, the best watermelons are not the biggest. This is not to say that the best ones are also the smallest. They are actually somewhere in the middle. Even though it goes against what you have been taught, the average watermelon is the one you are looking for.

4. "Tail"

The watermelon's "tail" is a good indicator of its ripeness. A green tail can indicate that the watermelon was picked too early, so its taste will not be so good. Watermelons with a dry tail have the best taste, so remember to choose them.

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So here you have it: 5 ways to choose the perfect watermelon. And we will definitely remember it next time we buy a watermelon.

Still not convinced? Watch the video for more:

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