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An overweight woman lost 57kg and didn't agree to get her cheating husband back - wait until you see what she looks like today





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We don't know what's worse: finding out that your spouse is unfaithful, or that they are verbally violent. Unfortunately, Lisseth Exposito's husband was both.

Lisseth has been overweight for many years. It all started when she developed bad eating habits, and then the situation deteriorated after she gave birth to her daughter, Lissmar. Her husband Jose ate badly as well, but luckily he did not gain weight.

Meanwhile, Lisseth grew bigger and bigger - until she became obese, consuming more than 4,000 calories a day, and was unable to stop.

The weight gain has influenced their relationship - Jose became violent and cruel towards Lisseth.

"I would see Jose looking at me in disgust as I ate dinner on the couch. I would hear him mumble, 'Fat woman', when crumbs were falling on my stomach", Lisseth said. She added: "It started with small remarks, but very quickly he started behaving cruelly. I was desperate to be the woman he fell in love with again, but I did not have the willpower or the confidence to go on a diet".

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Meanwhile, Jose was lucky and he did not gain weight, even though they both ate unhealthily.

"Jose was lucky. He never gained weight no matter what he ate. I loved to eat junk food and I loved everything, from cakes to fried snacks", Lisseth said.

Eventually Jose became cold and distant, and their sex life suffered. It only made Lisseth more depressed and made her eat even more.

"Jose showed me no affection and food became my best friend", she said. "I have reached a new low. Food has become the only thing that has made me happy".

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The moment of truth

So one day, Lisseth's sadness turned into something deeper - she saw incriminating messages on Jose's phone: he cheated her.

"I put my hand on his phone and found myself looking at hundreds of incriminating text messages. I felt disgusted, but something inside me changed. When I heard his key at the door that evening, I told him what I had found", she said.

When she confronted him, he did not deny - and instead blamed her.

"He told me it was my fault I was fat", she said. "He told me I would always be ugly. It broke me".

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A new way forward

But the heart breaking experience was just what needed to start a new way - and something inside her changed. She was determined and assured herself that Jose would not hurt her again. She filed for divorce and decided to change her life.

She swore to herself that she would lose weight - and never return to Jose. And so it happened and Lisseth lost 57kg!

"I lost weight for myself. I threw away my junk food and my disgusting husband", she said.

Did not agree to take him back

"Every weekend Jose was coming to pick up Lissmar and just stared at me", she said. "Then one Friday, he told me I look great. I slammed the door in his face. I will never let him come back to my life. I'm an example for my daughter and I prove him he was wrong".

Lisseth's transformation has made her not only free from daily abuse, but happier and healthier than ever. She certainly served as a role model for her daughter.

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What a brave woman who found the strength to do exactly what she needed to do! Share Lisseth's story if you agree she did the right thing.


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