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The pope kissed a baby on the forehead - two months later his parents discovered the unbelievable consequences





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There are moments in life that remain timeless, no matter how long has passed since them. For example, people always remember the moment their little brother was born, or the surgery they underwent when they were little - even if 30 years have passed since..

And you can remember these events - but they pale in comparison to the story of the Masciantonio family, when their daughter Gianna met Pope Francis in Philadelphia.

The family received a phone call from an FBI agent, Donny Asper. He helped with the Pope's security arrangements and instructed them to get downtown quickly if they wanted a chance to meet him. The family followed the instructions and immediately made their way to the city center.

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Donny wanted the daughter of his friends, Joey and Kristen, to meet the Pope. The parents are devout catholics and little Gianna was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and a cancerous tumor in her head.

They prayed that they would be able to receive a blessing from the Pope. But that's exactly what it was.. a prayer. There were thousands of people there who also tried to meet the pope, and the family was afraid to go to the place, fearing that Gianna's condition would worsen because of the crowd and the expected number of people in the place.

But in the end they decided to ignore all the warning signs and go downtown, and they are thankful for that decision to this day.

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The family went to the place as the pope was about to move in. As soon as Joey saw Pope Francis making his way towards their location, he held baby Gianna high up to get the security guards' attention. One of them noticed the girl and took her to the Pope.

There, among the thousands of spectators, the Pope kissed the girl's forehead, and gave her a blessing.

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As soon as the day was over, everything returned to normal. Visits to the doctor were frequent and the family remained positive despite the situation.

But then, just six weeks after Gianna's meeting with the Pope, Joey and Kristen received news that were a miracle to them. The scans showed that the tumor in Gianna's head had shrunk significantly, allowing her to begin the recovery process.

Did the Pope's kiss have an effect? We will never know for sure, but the family certainly believes so. "The kiss was God's work, that's for sure", they say.

Watch the video below for more details on the amazing story:

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Do you believe god used the pope as a messenger to heal baby Gianna? The family definitely believes so.

Anyway, it's wonderful that the girl's tumor has shrunk so significantly, and we only wish her health and happiness in life. Share if you believe in miracles!


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