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Health experts warn: This is the only sleeping position that will solve many health problems for you





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We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. When you think about it, you understand how important the sleep process is to our overall health.

When it comes to sleep, sleeping posture is the most important thing. As the experts assure us, there are only a few poses that are recommended for improving our health, so pay attention.

Here's how to tell which sleeping position isn't good for you:

Shoulder pain

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If you suffer from shoulder pain, you should avoid sleeping on your left or right side. Sleeping on the abdomen can cause shoulder asymmetry. In order to maintain the best posture is sleeping on your back.

Use an orthopedic pillow and use another pillow to hold with your hands. If sleeping on your back is problematic for you, then will sleep on your most comfortable side, but not on the side that is causing the pain.

Lift your legs and put a pillow between your knees. Try not to put your hand under your head.

Back pain

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Back pain is usually the result of sleeping on a bad mattress. Since this is the most recommended posture, it should not hurt you, but if it does, make some changes for you. Place a pillow under your knees to stabilize the spine in the best position and reduce pressure.

In addition, you can place a small towel rolled under the spine to support the body. If your favorite sleeping position is on your stomach, place a pillow under your abdomen and pelvis. In case of sleep on the side, bend your legs toward your chest, and slightly bend your back.

Neck pain

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Take a pillow and place two hands with it under your head. If you sleep on the side, the pillow should be flat.

If you sleep on your stomach, the pillow should be thin. Still, try changing positions during sleep to avoid further pain.

Can't fall asleep

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Get rid of all technology, such as phones and TV before going to bed. Don't get close to caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, and chocolate for about 6 hours before going to bed.

Notice the room temperature. The optimum temperature is 20-22 degrees celcius. To improve blood circulation, do some exercise in the morning.

Can't wake up in the morning

Make sure you get up at exactly the same time, and don't change this routine.


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Do not sleep on your stomach if you are snoring, as it may interfere with normal breathing process. Use harder pillows, or sleep on two soft pillows.

If you sleep on the side you will snore less, as there is no disruption to the normal breathing process.

Feet pain

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Cramps and pain can occur during sleep, and can affect your legs, feet and hips. To treat this problem, first consult a doctor. The best way to help yourself in this case is to do leg and muscle stretches.

Leg cramps and heartburn

If you have heartburn, try sleeping on the left side. If you suffer from leg cramps as a result of poor blood circulation, place a pillow under your feet to get them elevated.

Do a massage to your legs before bed and do not drink caffeine based drinks for about 6 hours before bed.

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