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10 surprising cleaning tips using salt you probably never knew of





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Apparently there isn't a single person in the modern world who can't find salt in his kitchen.

The white spice is considered so basic that it can be found in almost every dish we make, but you'll be surprised to learn that it also has many other uses throughout your kitchen and house you probably never knew of, and today we will share 10 ways in which salt can be used for cleaning. We especially recommend tip #8 every weekend, regularly.

1. Cleans a broken egg

Did you accidentally drop an egg on the floor? Cleaning the mess will probably require a lot of paper towels unless you use the following tip: sprinkle salt over the broken egg and let it soak for a few minutes. Then you can clean it with just one paper towel.

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2. Removes sticky dirt from the iron

Something sticky melted on your iron? Turn on the iron and set it on maximum heat for a few minutes. As it heats up, take a wax paper or a newspaper and generously spread salt on it. Now move the iron in circular motions over the salt, which will catch the sticky scraps and stick them to the paper.

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3. Cleans wine that spills on the carpet

Have you spilled wine on the carpet? It doesn't matter if it is red or white, you can easily clean it if you pour some baking soda on it, and cover it with salt. Let the salt soak up as much liquid as possible, and when the area dries, simply clean the salt with a vacuum cleaner.

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4. Cleans lipstick marks from glasses

Have you finished drinking the wine and now your glass has a lipstick mark on it? If the stain persists and doesn't wash up in the dishwasher, just rub some salt on the mark and watch it disappear as if by itself.

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5. Cleans and disinfects cutting board

A cutting board can be a source for diseases if not cleaned properly. It is therefore recommended to rub half a lemon over it, pour salt on it, wait 10-15 minutes and then rub with lemon again. If the lemon dries, squeeze it and continue to clean.

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6. Turns off fires in the kitchen

If a fire suddenly breaks out in one of your pans, water would not necessarily help, as chances are it has burning oil. Instead of using water, quickly open your salt jar and simply pour its contents onto the pan. The salt will choke off the oxygen from the fire and will suffocate it quickly so that both you and the kitchen can remain safe and clean.

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7. Cleans burnt pans

Did you burn your food and now its got stuck on the pan and won't be removed? The simple way to clean it is by pouring salt over the pan and add water. This mixture will help loosen all the burnt stains that got sticked, and after 10 minutes you can easily wash the pan. Use this method also on food stains or burnt oil in the oven (without water) while the oven is hot to prevent them from hardening, and clean them off easily when cooled.

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8. Cleans sponges

Did you clean the pan, but now the sponge is dirty and blackened? The salt will save you again in this case too, just as it helped with the burnt pan. Just fill a small box with 2 cups of water and a quarter cup of salt, put the sponge in it and leave it there for the night. When you take it out in the morning, it will just be like new. We recommend doing this at least once a week, whether or not there are black spots on it to disinfect it.

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9. Get rid of stains in the bath room

Sometimes the usual detergents we buy are not enough to clean the ceramic effectively. If you want to thoroughly clean the bath, mix a cup of turpentine and a cup of salt, put on protective gloves and open the windows (you should also cover your mouth and nose, as it is not recommended to breathe in the turpentine's gases). Spread the pulp you made on a sponge (which you cleaned earlier) and scrub the bath. After about a minute you will see that the stains you have been used to for years are disappearing as if they were not there.

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10. Unclogs drains

Did you clean the bathtub and just remembered that it has a little clogging? Here's what you need to do. First, remove hair that is stuck in the drain and mix a quarter cup of baking soda powder and a quarter cup of salt. Pour this powder mixture directly into the drain, and quickly pour another half a glass of vinegar on it. The solution will start to foam and release in 15 minutes. Then simply pour hot water over the drain hole to get rid of the powder residue.

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