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Scientists urge anyone who uses loofah in the shower to throw it or to prepare for the worst





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Who does not love a good scrubbing?

Nothing feels better than to use the shower with a loofah to slough the skin. Not only does it allow you to scrub, but it leaves your skin smooth as a baby's skin. And the loofahs come in many colors, some with special designs.

You can hang them on the water, making scrubbing fast and easy , and you easily get rid of dead skin cells that cause dry and irritating skin. And you get a bonus - it helps the circulation of blood, so scrub to get a clear and glowing look.

Sounds like loofahs are the right way when it comes to maintaining a healthy and bright skin, right?

Well, according to dermatologists, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, 98% of them recommend us to throw the loofah in the trash immediately.

I like this

Jay. Matthew Knight, from Knight Dermatology Institute who urges us to throw the loofah to the trash explains why. According to Dr. Knight, it turns out that after you use a loofah to slough off dead skin, dead skin cells are trapped within the many layers of the loofah. And when you leave the loofah in the shower after you have finished your thing, the remaining moisture left of the hot water, causes bacteria to fester within the many layers. What causes the growth of fungi and mold. Yikes!

And this huge growth happends within a few hours. Does not sound like something you'd want to scrub all your body with, right?

Above all, if you will be taking it with a loofah after shaving, it may cause infections. The bacteria enter the slots and cause the skin to look and feel bad.

Still not convinced you should throw out the loofah in the trash?

Well, scientists urge you rinse the loofah thoroughly to make sure all the dead skin cells are removed and get it out of the shower in order to dry properly. And always make sure to replace the loofah with a new one every two to three months. If the loofah starts to smell bad, throw it away immediately. It's not worth the risk!

So you're probably asking yourself, "So what am I supposed to shed my skin with now?'. A simple solution: There are many scrubbing products in the market that have many benefits, and will keep you from infections. Such as gloves with which you can scrub the body. It allows you to reach the difficult places, and dead skin cells do not accumulate in them.


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